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Alpha male or pantyhose? Find out which one is right for you.

Although it is said that women long for an undying love and a tender prince on a white horse, this may not always be the case. There are those who, instead of sweet words, constant kissing and touching, need someone to look up to. Do you belong to them?

I don’t know who I want

Your surroundings may consider you dominant, full of temperament, but the opposite is often true. So at least in the relational level with an escort in Amman. It is the unbridled beauties who are looking for a man who can do it with them. A master of creation who knows how to handle the onslaught of hysteria and nonsensical demands.

Just think: do you long for stroking your hair, falling asleep in the evening in a tight embrace, a flood of kisses, in short, a world shrouded in pink? Or are you more pleased and excited by the thought of a guy who is a little rough, opinion-stricken, what you will have to constantly conquer in his own way? Surely you know the answer…

Of course, each of us has a different perspective on femininity, or, conversely, even too rude. The family pattern also plays an important role. If the father was sensitive to his mother, he helped her, kissed in front of you, or was withdrawn without any significant emotional expressions. This is also reflected in relationships, because we have a (un) consciously coded certain pattern of love, behavior.

Big boss

Here you can either come across or fall head over heels in love. Confident gentlemen have an incredible charm, a charm that is easy to succumb to in a short time. They are well aware of their sexuality, their uniqueness. They are often full of humor, they have inappropriate (but acceptable) allusions.

Although many of us say that they do not want such a man at home, she also succumbs. At first, cohabitation will not be easy, don’t expect exaggerated expressions of affection, but later the testosterone-stimulated handsome man will probably catch up. He will realize what treasure he has in you. Therefore, be patient.

Long-term beauties will find pleasure in this unique species. They may show passion to the eye, they do not want to be bound, they do not like the idea of procreating offspring and the profession of a housewife, but they do not really mind the tightened reins, which they find out thanks to the alpha male.

Caregiver and romantic in one

The cozy counterpart with a fragile soul will satisfy ambitious, ambitious women, as well as romantics, longing for three children and a house outside the city. Hardworking and high-ranking managers will appreciate his care, the concern they will receive.

Another big plus is the fact that such a counterpart is often an easy “lightning conductor” for unaccumulated anger and stress. He can’t stand to be angry for long. He also sees in him the one who will provide the nest when they give birth and go back to work. Naivky, on the other hand, will find a related second half in such a man on the way of a life full of pitfalls.